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Words of wisdom from age-defying female celebrities

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The fashion giant, Vogue has come out with a list of reflective quotes and advice from influential women celebrities who have embraced their over 50 age bracket unapologetically. This list has been posted ahead of Vogue’s The Non-Issue Issue, due to be launched on 5th April.

Glenda Jackson, a well known British actress and politician has not considered her turning 80 to be a big deal. Coming to the 66 years old Marie Helvin, the popular fashion model has called self-awareness a “joy of getting older”. She also believes that the old age inspired wisdom to understand her true interests and priorities.

The Italian model and actress, Benedetta Barzini has opined that aging is liberating. According to the septuagenarian icon, the advancement in age has enabled her to distinguish between the imperative and the lesser important times and opinions. She added: “what could be more beautiful than that?”

Farida Khelfa, 57, considers aging to be a mixed blessing. The French actress believes that growing old makes one feel better but there is an inexplicable loss involved which has to be embraced gracefully. On the other hand, Kristin Scott Thomas, the famous British actress, has opined that she looked her best in her middle age, that is “from 46 to 52”.

The British painter and curator, Lubaina Himid has said: “if you can keep going you are bound to make it in the end”. At the age of 63, the renowned artist won the Turner Prize.

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