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Virgin Atlantic increases flexibility: crew may fly without a make-up

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Virgin Atlantic has planned to be flexible in terms of make-up for female cabin crew. The airline has announced that it will no longer need its female crew to wear mandatory make-up at work.

Mark Anderson, Virgin’s executive vice-president of customer said that the company had been “listening to the views of our people”. He also added that unlike the previous times, when trousers were made available only on request, the company would provide the female crew with trousers along with their standard uniform.

According to him, the new guidelines would “provide our team with more choice on how they want to express themselves at work”.

It is believed that this step is a small initiative to encourage gender equality. However, Virgin Atlantic is known for staying ahead of the curve in an industry that has set a benchmark of female employees should behave and present themselves.

Other airline companies like the Ryanair reported a gender pay gap of 71.8 percent in favour of men. One the other the female crew of British Airways needs to wear blusher and lipstick as a part of the make-up guidelines.

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