How to use Wi-Fi Calling on iPhone

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No phone signal? No problem. Here’s how to use the Wi-Fi Calling feature on your iPhone

It’s annoying – and potentially extremely inconvenient – when you can’t get a phone signal. If you’ve got a Wi-Fi signal, though, you can still place a call by using the Wi-Fi Calling feature.

In this article we explain how to set up and use Wi-Fi Calling on your iPhone. For more general advice, have a look at our iPhone tips.

Which iPhones can use Wi-Fi Calling?

You need an iPhone 5c or later. You also need to be on a carrier that supports the Wi-Fi Calling feature. Apple has a list of compatible carriers on its site – in the UK, for instance, 3, EE, O2 and Vodafone support it – but you should contact them if you’re not sure.

Wi-Fi Calling can also be used on the iPad and iPod touch (if they have iOS 9 or later), Apple Watch (watchOS 2 or later) and Mac (2012 or later, excluding the mid-2012 Mac Pro, and running El Capitan or later).

Turn on Wi-Fi Calling

Open the Settings app and go to Phone > Wi-Fi Calling. Tap the slider so it turns green.

You may now see a warning that location and identity information will be accessible by your carrier/network operator. (Your location may also be shared with emergency services if your device has Wi-Fi Calling enabled when you place an emergency call.) If you’re happy with all this, tap Enable.

How to use Wi-Fi Calling on iPhone: Warning

You’ll now see ‘WiFiCall’ at the top of the screen, between the Wi-Fi strength icon and the name of your carrier. This indicates that the feature is switched on.


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