Uber hits passengers with ‘five times’ normal fare during Storm Emma

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Uber seems to be making the most of the terrible weather – its latest price hike has hit passengers with as much as five times the usual fare.

Train services across the country were cancelled tonight while traffic clogged up major routes throughout the UK.

And as a result, Uber’s surge pricing is kicking in with dramatic effect.

Disappointed Uber customers have taken to social media to express their disgust at the increase.

Richard Silcock tweeted that despite there being no snow where he lives he was still being charged an additional £8.31 for a journey that should have only cost him £4.89.

Hellen Allis called the taxi firm ‘douchey’ for making people pay extra for a safe ride home when they’re stranded in the snow.

In Birmingham, the fares have reportedly been increasing by as much as five times, with one customer paying £31 for a three-mile journey which would usually cost them £6, reports Birmingham Live.

Additionally, stranded train passengers at the city’s station are complaining that the price hike is ‘ridiculous’.

This is not the first time Uber has come under fire for hiking its price.

During the London Bridge attacks people were charged 2.5 times extra as they fled the scene of a deadly terrorist attack, although refunds were issued to people who made those journeys.

A spokesperson for Uber told Metro.co.uk: ‘The last few days have been incredibly challenging for transport services and anyone trying to get around.

‘Bad weather has seen more people looking to book a car with Uber but fewer drivers on the road which caused prices to automatically increase.

‘Our app uses dynamic pricing to encourage more drivers to pick up fares so that more cars are available.

‘Users can always see a fare estimate before they book and can split the fare with others through the app. We’d encourage both riders and drivers to stay safe and follow the latest travel advice.’

Courtesy: metro.co.uk

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