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U.S. Teen Spotted Face Time Bug: Apple To Contribute To His Education

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Apple Inc Rolled out the latest software updates for their iPhones with the primary objective to fix the privacy issue, as discovered by an Arizonian teenager. The issue was with the FaceTime video calling service which had let the users listen to audio from the other end of the call while it had not been answered.

The 14-year-old, Grant Thompson, is the first person to discover the bug in the software and he, along with his mother Michele led Apple to turn off FaceTime group chat operations. The engineers from Apple looked into the issue later on.

While releasing the update, Apple declared to contribute to the education of Grant. The high school student from Tucson has also been assured compensation for his family by the tech giant. Apple has also appreciated the act of Thompson by giving credits in the release notes of the software update.

In a statement, Apple said: “In addition to addressing the bug that was reported, our team conducted a thorough security audit of the FaceTime service and made additional updates to both the FaceTime app and server to improve security.”

Tim Cook, the Chief Executive Of Apple was asked by two Democrats of the U.S. House of Representatives, to answer certain questions regarding the software bug and the time the company would take to resolve the same.

Last week, the company said that it was planning for the betterment by bringing some changes in the approach of looking into software bug reports.

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