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Top tips to choose your outfit for a wedding

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As the wedding season has already set in, you are likely to get inundated with a slew of wedding invitations. Picking out the right dress for the Big Day can be an unnerving task for you. However, Vogue has shared some smart clothing tips that will help you amplify your appearance and persona on the special occasion.

1. Ditch pale hues – Never make the mistake of raining on the thunder of the bride; go for bold colored outfits instead of pale hues. Even if you pick out a neutral colour, make sure its shade and pattern do not match with the bride’s wear.

2. Say no to matching – Do not try to coordinate the colors of your dress, shoes, bags, and belt. It will add a subtle charm to your overall appearance.

3. Embrace your own style – You do not have to follow the established dressing norm meant for a wedding. Be unhesitant to ditch the feminine florals; wear anything that seems comfortable to you. Just make sure that you have the proper accessories to complement the attire.

4. The must-have clutch bag – A dandy clutch bag is all you need to complete your look. By owning a clutch from the Marni or Bienne-Davis collections, you are sure to reflect your style and elegance.

5. Sort your footwear out – Wedges and platform heels are in vogue this season. Purchase a stylish and comfortable pair that goes well with your outfit. Should you feel uncomfortable wearing heels, gift yourself the shimmery flats from Le Monde Beryl.

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