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A Time Of Distress For Britain – The Nation May Go Without A PM

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According to predictions on Wednesday morning, Britain is all set for an aimless Government under the influence of hypothetical Brexit strategy. The nation may allegedly run without a Prime Minister. Britain is likely to face huge political disruption which would affect regular people. MPs fight over Brexit debates instead of uniting for a single Brexit policy for the benefit of common people.

Annoyed leave voters are acting according to make sure Brexit takes place but all in vain. The politicians have made their politics a priority instead of listening to the 17.4 million leave voters. Arch Brexiteer and Jacob Rees-Mogg, euroscopic ERG leader have condemned the Government’s strategy. Mr. Mogg has agreed to reaching a deal with the EU but not with Theresa May.

In Tuesday’s vote, if Theresa manages to get a defeat which would encourage her to go back to EU for negotiations, the leaders of the EU might reconsider to negotiate with the intent of further alterations in the deal.

As it is expected, in situations where the MPs defeat her, May might not have any other choice left besides considering her position. Tuesday’s vote is certainly going to secure a delay in Brexit, which the Leave voters do not want but might end up giving hope to Remainers.

The Brexit ruling might get handed over to a new Tory leader with the defeat of May. Theresa might resign on Wednesday morning without calling an election.

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