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Taylor Swift calls for LGBTQ equality- releases song & petition

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Through her recently released music video, the songwriter and pop singer Taylor Swift has urged her fans to sign a petition that demanded legal protection for the LGBTQ community in the USA.

Interestingly, Katy Perry, Swift’s former rival, also featured in the video of “You Need to Calm Down” in an unexpected cameo.

Perry, 34, dressed in the hamburger costume she had worn to the 2019 Met Gala fundraiser, is seen to have hugged Swift in the video.

Perry also tagged Swift to a picture showing a plate of cookies on her Instagram account. The words ‘Peace at last’ written on the plate suggested their spat has been resolved.

The video also featured a few celebrities who have identified themselves as members of the LGBTQ community such as Ellen DeGeneres, Adam Lambert, RuPaul, Tan France, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Hannah Hart and Billy Porter.

The video showed the 29 year old Swift lounging in a pool as she called out her critics and the ones who attack the LGBTQ people.

At the end of the video, the screen showed two sentences asking the fans to sign a petition. The petition appealed to the U.S Senate to pass legislation for saving the LGBTQ people from discrimination. The appeal has already been cleared the U.S House of Representatives.

In just a few hours, the petition had gathered more than 222,000 signatures.

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