Tackling Global Warming: UK Government Moves At A Snail’s Pace

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The menace of global warming and its adverse consequences, although a topic of intense debate worldwide, is yet to be taken seriously by the UK government as alleged by the Committee on Climate Change (CCC). The CCC members said that the ministers are not doing things fast enough such as cutting emissions and adapting to rising temperatures. In fact, the chairman has been scathing in his remarks by comparing the ministers to the characters of Dad’s Army, a vintage comedy.

Facing criticism, the government stated its plans about tackling emissions in sectors like energy and transport, aviation, and heat. Furthermore, in a recent announcement, the Prime Minister affirmed her government’s resolve to cut all greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. She also talked about the UK hosting an important global climate summit in 2020.

Undeterred by the government’s response, the CCC said the UK is yet to achieve its previously stated target of 80% emissions cut. The CCC stressed upon the need to formulate new policies to let people enjoy good lives without adding to global warming. The policies should let people staying in hospitals, care homes, and flats to feel cool even when the outside temperatures are on the rise.


The committee opined that unless the government achieves its previously set targets, it would not have the credibility to host a global summit next year. The committee feels the government is not taking its recommendations seriously and complained that the UK seems to be going backwards in some ways.

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