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Shell Plans Teaming Up With Carmakers For Expansion Of EV Charging

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Stockholm – Royal Dutch Shell has decided to form partnerships with carmakers in order to take the charging of electric vehicles (EV) to the next level. According to one of the executives of Shell, the idea is to make the charging of EVs extensive.

The Big Oil company has bought Greenlots, the U.S. charger provider for an undisclosed amount. Mark Gainsborough, the executive vice president for Shell’s Energies Operation told Reuters: “We recognize that the customers are not just necessarily going to go to recharge just at retail sites, they’re going to want to charge at work and home, so we’re moving into this space.”

Shell has been eyeing the EV charging sector since 2017. It was clear back then that the company had bigger plans in mind when it took its initial step by acquiring NewMotion, the owner of one of Europe’s largest EV charging networks.

In purview of this, the International Energy Agency has estimated that there would be approximately 125 million EVs by the end of 2030. It also added that there would be a greater need for chargers, much more than what is available currently.

Mark Gainsborough has referred the current EV charging market as ‘small’ and thinks that investments are less in this particular field if compared to other energy solutions like renewable power generation.

Gainsborough also revealed that the company has initiated proposing vehicle makers with the idea to collaborate for EV charging infrastructure. He said: “We talk to all of the auto manufacturers … They’re all potential customers and partners for us … This is a space where we will have lots of partnerships, they won’t always be exclusive.”

The executive VP of the oil major has shared his views on how the fast charging industry will grow. According to him, having completely exclusive relationships with the car makers is difficult in the present time and the best way to develop the industry is through partnerships with multiple manufacturers that would coherently.

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