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A settlement worth $117.5 million has been reached between Yahoo and the affected public in the data breach case

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The internet company, Yahoo has finally been successful in reaching a settlement worth $117.5 million to compensate the aggrieved public. In this infamous data breach case, confidential information and email addresses of a large number of people were stolen. This abhorrent incident had put people’s right to privacy at stake.

On 28th January, Lucy Koh, the U.S District Judge refused to give approval to the previous agreement since it had failed to disclose the worth of the settlement. Furthermore, the earlier accord did not tell anything about the recovery amounts due to be accrued to the victims of this data breach.

The current settlement was announced on Tuesday. The District Judge’s approval is essential for materializing this settlement.

Yahoo is now subsumed under Verizon Communications Inc, a New York-based telecommunication company. According to the official sources, Yahoo has been reluctant to reveal sensitive information regarding data breach cases that occurred between 2013 and 2016. Reliable sources have also shown that these series of data breaches have affected more than a billion accounts.

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