Serial killer’s sick boast that police failed to find dozens of his victims

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A serial killer on death row has boasted that police failed to find dozens of his victims.

William Clyde Gibson, from South Indiana, is awaiting execution in Indiana State Prison for the murder of three women.

Though a remorseless admission during ITV’s Death Row 2018 with Trevor McDonald sees Gibson gloat about slaughtering more women because he ‘just felt like it’.

When probed about the true number of victims he has killed, Gibson indicates is it closer to 29 or 30.

When Sir Trevor questioned his motives, Gibson said: ‘Just felt like it. I don’t know. I didn’t have to have a reason.

‘I don’t think I’ve got any of that humanity. It doesn’t seem to affect me.

‘I could kill a person and go out to dinner.’

He added: ‘I had a good childhood. Everybody thinks when you’ve done the kind of stuff I’ve done, cutting them up and all that egregious stuff that they think automatically is because you have had a bad childhood, you’re molested, ask if you were starting fires and all this stuff.

‘I didn’t do none of that. I had a perfectly normal childhood.’

The killer, 60, was arrested in 2012 when the dead body of his mother’s friend Christine Whitis, 75, was found decomposing in his garage.

He admitted strangling her after she found him dismembering another victim.

Officers also found the body of Stephanie Kirk, 35, at Gibson’s home in 2012. He had sexually assaulted and mutilated both bodies.

Gibson said the police only ‘have a tenth of it’, smiling and apparently smug about the horrific crimes that he has not been convicted of.

In June 2014, Gibson was also sentenced for the murder of Karen Hodella, 44, who was found dead next to the Ohio River in Clarksville in 2012.

Gibson was given two life sentences and is awaiting execution.

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