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Prof Hawking’s nurse struck off from nursing register due to inappropriate care

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The nurse who looked after the late Professor Stephen Hawking has been struck off on account of unacceptable financial conduct and non-standard care towards the scientist.

Patricia Dowdy, the nurse, had worked for 15 years for Stephen Hawkings.

According to the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), they found that the 61-year-old nurse did not “provide the standards of good, professional care we expect and Professor Hawking deserved”.

On Sunday, Mrs Dowdy told The Mail that she did not want to comment anything on the matter. However, NMC was pretty straightforward with its actions and removed Patricia from the nursing register.

Lots of issues with Patricia’s service have come up and some insinuations include dishonesty, financial misconduct, lack of proper care, non-cooperation with the NMC, lack of required qualification, etc.

The director of fitness to practise Mr Matthew McClelland said: “As the public rightly expects, in serious cases such as this – where a nurse has failed in their duty of care and has not been able to give evidence to the panel that they have learned from their mistakes and be fit to practise – we will take action.

“We have remained in close contact with the Hawking family throughout this case and I am grateful to them – as they approach the anniversary of Professor Hawking’s death – and others for sharing their concerns with us.

According to a spokesperson from the family, Professor Hawking’s family was “relieved as this traumatic ordeal has now concluded and that as a result of the verdict, others will not have to go through what they suffered from this individual”.

He also said that the family wanted to thank the NMC for looking deep into the matter.

The scientist took his last breath at his Cambridge home in March 2018. Out of the 76 years of his lifetime, Prof Hawking survived with motor neurone disease for than 50 years.

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