Porsche 911 Owner Given 10 Parking Tickets After Failing To Display His Permit

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A Porsche 911 owner is facing a hefty fine after he failed to display his permit on his car.

Despite having the right to park his car outside his waterfront flat in Gloucester Docks, he returned to his car to find it had 10 parking tickets.

They cost £40 each but could double if he doesn’t pay within 21 days.

A neighbour said: ‘He just doesn’t give a ****. Last year he must have been on of the most ticketed drivers in the UK.’

Kevin Burge posted a picture of the vehicle on Twitter, commenting: ‘Is this the most ticketed car in #Gloucester or even the UK?

There are five notices under his windscreen wipers and another five on the side of his car (Picture: SWSN)

‘Nine parking tickets! The guy is even parked in his own space but not displaying his permit. Madness. Ban private parking companies.’

Each ticket costs a minimum of £40, if paid within a 21-day window, amounting to £400.

But fines double if not paid in time – so this could see an increase to £800.

A passerby, who took the picture at Lock Warehouse car park, said: ‘I thought I was having a bad day until I saw it.’

Courtesy: metro.co.uk

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