Pensioner died ‘after nurse gave her Flash cleaning fluid instead of orange juice’

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An elderly woman is believed to have died when a nurse accidentally gave her Flash cleaning fluid to drink rather than orange juice.

The health worker allegedly added water to a plastic jug she thought had undiluted squash in it.

According to a source, she then gave them to the 85-year-old woman who drank it because she had dementia.

Though the woman attempted to cough it up, she wasn’t able to and the liquid triggered a heart attack following the incident on September 23.

The 85-year-old woman died a week later (Picture: Getty)

She died a week later at the Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton.

A whistle blower told The Sun: ‘The nurse apparently thought a jug had undiluted orange in it but it is believed it was undiluted Flash.

‘I’d have thought the solution would have looked strange when water was added but it was 10pm and the lights would have been low.’

Another source said: ‘It is really big. Everyone is being questioned about it, whether they had direct contact with the patient or not.’

Police, along with the NHS and Care Quality Commission, are investigating the incident which they say ‘remains unexplained’.

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