Oxford Re-Opens After Hours-Long Shootout Between Gunman And Police

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Oxford city centre has re-opened after a shootout between police and an armed man lasted into the early hours, police have said.

Police remained in a standoff with the gunman after he opened fire from a home in Paradise Square on bank holiday Monday.

One person was treated for non-life threatening injuries, paramedics said.

Parts of the city centre remained on lock down into the night and Norfolk Road was closed and evacuated while officers negotiated with the suspect yesterday.

At just before midnight, Thames Valley Police said the closure of Paradise Square, Paradise Street and part of Norfolk Street was likely to have an impact on people travelling to the area on Tuesday morning.

Members of the public were warned to avoid the area, but police say the incident is not being treated as terrorism.

The police have since tweeted to say the incident has ‘ended peacefully’.

Shots were fired from a residential property in Paradise Square before armed response officers returned fire (Picture: PA)

A woman, who asked not to be named, said the gunfire was ‘scary’, but added the incident became ‘almost surreal’ as the siege went on.

She was sat on her balcony when she heard loud bangs, shouting and dogs barking on Monday afternoon.

‘After a second round it became apparent these were gunshots so I rushed inside,” she told the Press Association.

‘There was a couple more shots, three spurts in total, still a lot of shouting and barking. I heard a man shout ‘show me your hands’ repeatedly.

‘The shouting continued and only quietened down an hour later or so, between now and then there have been bursts of shouting, barks and helicopters.

‘I’ve heard no more shots since though. The entire area outside my flat is sealed off, and there is a police officer with a dog stationed a few metres from the balcony.’

Another nearby resident, who did not want to be named, said at one point he heard about 20 shots exchanged between the gunman and armed officers.

The police operation in Oxford amid an ongoing incident (Picture: SWNS)

He said: ‘I was frightened. I saw how easy he got down from his balcony, and I was terrified for a second, thinking he was going to come get me.

‘He was shooting from the balcony and then he climbed down the balcony, he was in the gardens and police were kicking the back doors to other gardens trying to get him.

‘Then he climbed back up and shot again. And that’s when they shot him in the head I think and in the chest.

‘I could hear a female negotiator and an armed response man trying to get him to put his hands up, let go of the gun, keep his hands on show and things like that.’

Superintendent Joe Kidman said: “People in Oxford will notice an increased police presence in the area while officers are dealing with the incident, which is contained and taking place at a residential property.

‘If you have any concerns or wish to raise anything please approach and speak to an officer or call the non-emergency number 101.’

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