No More Captivity and Breeding of Dolphins and Whales for Entertainment Purposes in Canada

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A good news story from Canada! The country has banned the breeding and keeping of whales, porpoises, and dolphins through an enabling legislation. Named as Bill S-203 and introduced by Senator Wilfred Moore in 2015, the legislation got the widest possible support in the House of Commons earlier this week. Notably, the bill was piloted by Elizabeth May, the leader of the Green party. She stated the resolve of Canadians in ending this cruel practice, which became possible with the passage of the bill.

In addition to the Senators, the bill was endorsed by a group of marine scientists and organizations. These include the Canadian Humane Society International, Humane Canada, Jane Goodall Institute and marine scientists like Phil Demers, Dr. David Suzuki, Dr. Naomi Rose, and Dr. Lori Marino, among many others.

According to the Executive Director of HSI/Canada, Rebecca Aldworth, the passage of the bill is a landmark moment towards protecting marine animals. She further stated that these highly intelligent and social animals go through intense suffering when confined to tanks, and the people of Canada would no longer brook such suffering. She congratulated the people and government of Canada for showing immense sagacity and leadership while passing this bill.

The bill is going to disallow the captivity of cetaceans in Canada save for rehabilitation, licensed scientific research or rescues.

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