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Nigel Farage asks Britons to be prepared for a revolution after the Brexit Party’s victory

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Nigel Farage has asked Britons to get ready for a revolution in the realm of UK politics with his promise to contest in the upcoming general election following a remarkable win in European elections on Sunday.

Mr. Farage said that his party securing 28 seats only after six weeks of its formation is a herald to a new revolution in UK politics. He also said that it is a feat never witnessed before. It took 45 years for the Labour Party to earn the national election’s popular vote.

The Brexit Party leader further added that the results must be perceived as a significant wake-up call for Labour and the Conservatives. It is a direct result of breaching people’s trust and their faith in democracy.

He commented that though Theresa May has resigned, her abominable withdrawal agreement continues to remain.

With the Brexit Party occupying first position, the Liberal Democrats came second with 16 seats. Labour were third with 10 seats. The picture is not all rosy for the Tories as they came in the fifth position winning just four seats.

The Brexit Party claimed 31.6% of total votes, while the Liberal Democrats won 20.3%.

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