Newlywed diagnosed with breast cancer weeks after marrying her first Tinder date

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A newlywed was diagnosed with breast cancer just six weeks after she married her first ever Tinder date.

Personal assistant Yasmin Kidwai Coop, 45, and cameraman Jason Coop, 46, said ‘I do’ on April 1, 2017 – three years to the day after they were matched on the dating app.

But just weeks after they tied the knot, Ms Coop, from Kingston, south-west London, found a lump in her right breast in the shower.

She said: ‘We just wanted to be like any other normal married couple, but instead I was facing a cancer battle, as a newlywed.

‘We hadn’t even really had a chance to start our married life.’

The couple had been preparing for their wedding as normal and chose to get married on April Fool’s Day.

In place of her dad, who died from pancreatic cancer in 2008, Ms Coop asked her mum, Margaret, 75, to give her away in front of 60 guests.

She recalled: ‘I asked my mum, Margaret, to do the honours, but I knew very well it wasn’t going to be a traditional wedding.

‘I had flower girls, Jason’s niece and two goddaughters, and we had his nephew and my godson as our pageboys.’

Straight after the wedding, the couple had an unorthodox three-day honeymoon in a luxurious shepherd’s hut in Somerset.

Then, a few weeks later, the newlywed’s joy was replaced by fear, when she found a lump in her breast.

‘It was pea-sized, but because I had just been on my period, I put it down to swelling and decided I’d go to the doctor if it didn’t go away,’ she said.

But two weeks later the lump had not reduced, so she visited her doctor who referred her for a mammogram.

‘Just a week later I was called back in and told I had stage two breast cancer. We had only just got married six weeks earlier,’ she said.

Referred to The Royal Marsden Hospital in Sutton, Surrey, she had a lumpectomy and five gruelling weeks of radiotherapy.

‘Doctors told me they had got rid of all the cancer, which was a massive relief. Now I just want to get on with married life.

‘I want to talk openly about what’s happened to me so other people are checking themselves and keeping an eye on their own health.’

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