The Man Behind A Million Photos

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A montage of images depicting post war America taken by the famous street photographer, Garry Winogrand was showcased at an exhibition in New York. The colourful pictures took people down the memory lane, which for many captured the time that was of innovation, creation, and of celebrating joie-de-vivre.

The pictures projected on the exhibition walls were vibrant and reminiscent of a style that pervaded America in the sixties. Among the pictures, a girl standing near to a chic shop window wearing a summer dress, workers dressed in Mad Men styled skinnies strolling in the park, and a woman waiting at the lunch corner wearing a patterned hair wrap showed a maze of colours such as rich ochres, warm reds, and delicious azure blues.

Titled time warp, the nostalgia-soaked images clicked by Garry Winogrand is known for capturing urban America during the sixties and seventies in black and white frames. Garry can be considered as a cross between Weegee, the crime photographer of the 1930s and Diane Arbus, a contemporary of Weegee. The on-your-face photographs were shot in New York with the subjects often appearing to be about to hit him. The 450 never seen before images were a revelation of sorts and brought to the fore a post-war era soaked in emotion and pride.

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