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The Makeover Of The Frogmore Cottage: The Royal Couple Is About Step In

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The Frogmore Cottage of Windsor, Berkshire, is currently under renovation as the Duchess and Duke of Sussex are about move into it in the spring. The cottage where they stayed on the eve of their in May, would receive alot attention.

Vicky Charles, the professional preferred by the royal couple, is expected to be behind the design of the interior. The soon-to-be parents are giving special priority to making the house childproof. It is also speculated that they have preferred organic paint for the yet-to-be-born baby’s room.

According to The Sun reports, the interior colours from The Organic & Natural Paint Co’s Auro range are expected to be fashionable. The paints are said to be eco-friendly, natural and non-toxic and contains rosemary and eucalyptus oils as claimed by the company.

Charles, the interior designer, has worked for the Soho House Group for 20 years and has worked on some major projects before establishing her own brand in 2016. It is said that the Soho House Clubs have played a significant role in the setting of early dates when the couple were taking baby steps in their relationship. Charles said, “The clients come to us because they want the Soho House aesthetic but you have to make it right for that family or whoever lives there in their space, so it’s not a cookie cutter thing you can just drop in. Someone’s home is so much more personal.”

It is believed that the couple’s new address will have a mix of the comfort of the English countryside and the laid-back feel of Meghan’s native land, California

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