Love Island viewers have outrageous reaction to Olivia Attwood’s mermaid knickers during argument with Montana Brown and Marcel Somerville in the ITV2 villa

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OLIVIA Attwood lost a few fans last night after falling out with everybody on Love Island.

By Megan Nisbet

The Motorsport grid girl called time on her romance with Sam Gowland and pursued Chris Hughes despite Chloe Crowhurst already being coupled up with him.

Olivia Attwood then went on to have a huge argument with Montana Brown, reducing the student to tears, before shouting in Marcel Somerville’s face, much to the horror of Love Island viewers.

But despite her shocking antics in the ITV2 villa, fans of Love Island were totally distracted by Olivia’s attire.

During her screaming match with the rest of the house, Olivia wore a baby blue jumper, which she matched with a pair of mermaid knickers.

[undefined]Olivia Attwood mermaid knickers: Motorsport grid girls argues with the Love Island villa [ITV]

And fans of the show were left torn over the colourful boxers, taking to social media to air their views.

Loving the argument attire, one fan wrote: “Olivia has annoyed the hell outta me tonight BUT…. I love that she’s rocking Little Mermaid pants  #PantWins #LoveIsland.”

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Another added: “The only thing I like about Olivia right now is her Little Mermaid pants #LoveIsland.”

While one admitted: “Ok I don’t like Olivia but I’m in love with her little mermaid underwear #LoveIsland.”

[undefined]Olivia Attwood mermaid knickers: Oliva’s argument attire causes mayhem on social media [ITV]

[undefined]Olivia Attwood mermaid knickers: Love Island contestants argue in the ITV2 villa bedroom [ITV]

However, many social media users were on the opposite team when it came to the Disney themed underwear.

Commenting, one fan wrote: “Soz Olivia hun I can’t take you serious in your Little Mermaid knickers xoxo #LoveIsland.”

Another asked: “How can everyone take Liv seriously whilst she’s wearing little mermaid girl boxers? #LoveIsland.”

While one stated: “Olivia’s calling Sam childish yet she’s sat there in f*****g ‘the little mermaid’ pants throwing a tantrum. #LoveIsland.”

It’s not the first time Olivia’s fashion decision’s have sparked a social media meltdown, the 26 year old shamelessly put in a pair of gold hoop earrings to break up with Sam on the show.

One fan wrote: “My first thought when dumping someone is whether I should wear earrings too Olivia.”

Another added: “Olivia putting her earrings in to finish it with Sam.”

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.


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