The Longest Water Slide in the World is opening and it seems like a lot of fun

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All thrill-seekers out there, get prepared to make an addition to your bucket list since the longest water slide in the world is soon going to be open to people.

The slide is 3740ft-long and currently being constructed on the Penang island, Malaysia.

At present, the longest water slide is 1,975ft and located at Action Park, in New Jersey.

The plan is to ask the officials of the Guinness World Records to scrutinise the slide’s length thereby ensuring its eligibility for claiming the title.

The brand new slide, featuring yellow and blue tubes, is due to open at Penang’s ESCAPE theme park.

With the release of a short clip on the slide’s building process, the theme-park is perfect for adrenaline junkies and adventure seekers.

Nestling in the midst of the green wilderness, the slide looks fun with loads of twists and turns.

From beginning to end, every ride will run for around four minutes.

The park chose manual construction in order to reduce the adverse impact on the environment.

Since Malaysia may not be the budget-friendly holiday destination for most Britons, you can check out the best water parks in the UK for an exciting splash this summer.

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