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Kim Kardashian West’s Launch of Kimono Underwear Has Received a Huge Backlash in Japan

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Kim Kardashian West has infuriated Japanese people by launching Kimono Intimates, a shapewear brand.

According to the reality star, the label celebrates and accentuates the curves and shapes of women. The brand was launched on Tuesday.

However, Japanese people have considered the brand to be a disrespectful to their traditional clothing.

The kimono is a loose robe with long sleeves and a sash, which goes back to the archaic Japan of the 15th century. Although it is venerated as the national garment of Japan, the kimono is now worn at special occasions mostly.

A Japanese woman said that the dress is worn to celebrate good health, marriages, engagements, graduations and even at funerals.

She also added that that shapewear resembles a kimono in no way. The name was randomly chosen because it included “Kim” in it. Therefore, the brand is remote from the significance of a kimono in Japanese culture.

Last year, the brand of Kimono was trademarked by Kim Kardashian West in the US. She has gone on to file trademarks for “Kimono Intimates”, “Kimono World” and “Kimono Body” as well.

People have expressed their wrath by posting the #KimOhNo hashtag on Twitter. Given the immense popularity of Kim Kardashian West, many fear that the world will now start identifying kimono with West’s brand instead of the traditional Japanese culture.

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