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Google Gets Penalised: France Charges $57 Million For Privacy Breach

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The data protection unit of France has levied a fine of $57 million against Google for breaching EU online privacy rules. The incident happened on Monday which shows that this is the biggest ever penalty Google has faced. According to the French regulator, Google, the world’s biggest search engine lacks transparency while informing people when it uses their personal data for the purpose of personalised advertisements.

According to Google’s statement, Google said: ” people expect high standards of transparency and control from us”. Google also added, “We’re deeply committed to meeting those expectations and the consent requirements of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)”.

The French authority has set an example by levying the highest ever penalty on the U.S. tech giant. The French authority is known for its stringent privacy rules and it showed expected standards by favouring a tough approach towards the U.S tech giant.

Sonia Cissé, Managing Associate at Linklaters, believes that this penalty does not only cost a huge amount of money to Google but will also affect the company’s goodwill.

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