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Global Warming Is For Real, Say Experts

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Finally, all naysayers out to deny the existence of global warming, the phenomenon that causes the warming of our planet due to indiscriminate exploitation of natural resources and release of greenhouse gases, can be replied in no uncertain terms – global warming is for real and is growing at an unprecedented level.

Studies published in Nature Geoscience and Nature magazines used historical data to prove that the rate of global warming due to human activity has never been so intense in the last 2000 years. These studies confirmed the prevailing scientific consensus about the role of humans in causing global warming.

The naysayers are of the view that similar climatic changes owing to global warming had occurred in the past as well, especially during epochs called the Medieval Climate Anomaly or the Little Ice Age. However, the three studies using around 700 records of temperature change – based on sediments, ice, and trees found that no such change, as witnessed today, had taken place across the globe in a specific time frame previously.

Furthermore, the major temperature changes that took place in the distant past were caused due to volcanic eruptions. The present climatic changes began in the first half of the eighteenth century as we started moving to an era of greenhouse gas emissions from a volcanic cooled one. The rate of global warming has become more pronounced in the late twentieth century thanks to industrial emissions.

These studies should put an end to the wranglings going on between deniers (major political groups and some governments on one side) and scientists and environmentalists on the other, for the incontrovertible nature of these findings did not leave any scope for interpretation. It is time humans either woke up and faced the challenge head-on or continue to live in denial and perish.

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