Former CEO of PepsiCo to chair as a director of Amazon

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According to reports, Indra Nooyi, the former CEO of PepsiCo Inc is about to step in as a director of the e-commerce giant Amazon. This appointment marked the selection of the second female director on the company’s board this month.

The e-commerce giant had already named Rosalind Brewer, the CEO of Starbucks Corp. as one of the directors, earlier this month. With the chairing of Brewer and Nooyi, Amazon’s eleven-member board of directors will see five women that include Jamie Gorelick, Patricia Stonesifer, and Judith McGrath.

Last year, the company had declared that they will appoint women and minorities in its board. The company justified this while emphasizing the fact that this type of selection would bring diversity on its board.

In the last quarter of the previous year, Nooyi stepped down from the position of CEO and chairman of PepsiCo.

On Monday, 549 shares of common stock of the company have been granted to Nooyi, who will be part of the audit committee of Amazon’s board. Indra is entitled to three annual installments of the shares, of which the first one is due on May 15, 2020. The shares of the company closed at $1633.

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