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Facebook to introduce new feature, users will get insights on news feed algorithm

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Facebook is about to introduce a new feature that will let users understand the algorithm that decides what posts to display on the newsfeed.

It has come to highlight that a new “Why am I seeing this post?” feature will appear that will let the users understand the algorithm.

For the first time, the company is allowing people to take insights on this matter.

Besides Facebook, a lot of the other platforms like Twitter, Youtube, and more have been criticised by critics. This is due to their policies which are still a mystery to many of us and no company has ever explained them. Policies about what?

Facebook has announced that the feature is already running and people can expect to see the new addition before May 2.

After the tech giant introduces the feature, the button can be found on the drop-down menu and will let the users have insights on certain things.

Regarding the “Why am I seeing this ad?” button, the company said that t will add more information in that.
The company said: “Both of these updates are part of our ongoing investment in giving people more context and control across Facebook”.

The company is paying attention to a lot of new user-friendly changes after facing intense reviews regarding data breaches followed by privacy scandals, and other allegations.

Mark Zuckerberg, the chief executive of Facebook asked for Government regulation saying that the monitoring harmful content is too painstaking for a single company.


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