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The race to 10 Downing Street is getting hotter with both Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt leading the pack. The contest will finally be adjudicated by the conservative party members next month. However, notwithstanding what members of the party will eventually decide, a poll conducted by is allowing people to express their opinion about the likely candidate who should take the mantle of the Tory leadership. According to the latest voting figures, Mr. Boris Johnson, the leading Brexiter has received the lion’s share of support (beyond 50%) from the Tory MPs i.e., 160 of 313 votes compared to 77 votes for his rival Jeremy Hunt. This has made Boris Johnson, the Foreign Secretary, as the favourite finalist who would succeed Theresa May.

The final round of voting during the next two weeks will see around 160,000 members of the Tory party casting their votes. It is presumed that most of the members are hardline Brexit supporters who can tilt the balance for an already leading Boris Johnson to a near invincible position. The overwhelming support is mainly underpinned on Mr. Johnson’s pledge to bring about Brexit on 31st October.

However, Mr. Hunt, who wants the UK to stay within the EU, is not ready to give up without a fight. He is hopeful about politics taking a surprising turn. Interestingly though, Mr. Hunt seems to have veered towards accepting a no deal exit from the European Union.

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