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Eoin Morgan and the changing fortunes of the England Cricket team

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The ongoing cricket World Cup in England has brought to the fore many players who have enthralled fans with their skills, be it in batting, bowling, fielding, or even captaincy. Among them, Eoin Morgan, the England skipper has made headlines with his batting prowess and the art of captaincy. In fact, under his stewardship, the England team has made it to the semifinals after its disastrous outing in 2015. It appears the skills, passion, and calibre shown by the skipper has rubbed off on the team. Morgan has not only shaped the team ethos but its style of play as well. In a special podcast, Morgan was asked how he manages to stay calm in the heat of the match and remains a counterpoise to Virat Kohli, the Indian skipper.

On being asked whether his captaincy is instinctive, Eoin Morgan told it is rather adaptable without any fixed plan. According to him, he chooses bowlers according to specific situations of the game and gives responsibility to the one who, he thinks, is likely to give his best. He prefers to bat up front, especially at number 3 or 4 given the good wicket conditions. He advises captains to be adventurous and open to different possibilities.

When asked about how far he plans about a game, he replied sticking to a particular plan based on a thorough analysis of the conditions, field settings etc. In the podcast, he comes across as a cerebral individual who thinks about the game in the minutest of details and aims at a collective team performance rather than being at the forefront of everything. No wonder his approach and clear vision have done wonders for the England team so far. He certainly remains one of the top players to watch out for in the remaining part of the ongoing cricket World Cup.

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