A Digital Tool To Prevent Food Wastage

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It may sound alarming but food wastage is a reality that stares us in the face. If figures are to be believed, then every year we end up throwing around 7 million tons of food and drinks from our homes, most of them edible. It amounts to throwing away 12.5 billion pounds in total and when apportioning the amount into individual families, the figure comes to around 60 pounds every month.

To prevent such a colossal waste, Love Food Hate Waste has come up with an online tool that can help families with savings up to 700 pounds a year. To be used on mobile and tablet as well, the tool named Food Waste Assistant offers more than 30 food solutions concerning 600+ food products. All that anyone needs to do is to mention the food to be thrown away. The tool suggests in myriad ways how to put the food to better use with links to recipes, tips to increase the life of foods, and storage solutions.

The head of Love Food Hate Waste, Emma Marsh says that no one wants to waste food but changing plans and busy lifestyles can turn good food into waste. However, the new Food Waste Assistant tool can help people with tips to stop wastage and save money.

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