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Defective brakes compelled Lyft to remove electric bikes from major US cities

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Almost 3,000 bikes, due to the defective brakes, have been withdrawn from major US cities by Lyft. According to the complaints shared by the riders, the anterior brake was found to be too strong on assisted electric bikes.

Lyft had to remove thousands of electric bikes from the US cities of San Francisco, Washington, and New York.

The company has said that a wave of caution has propelled it into making this decision of withdrawal. The electric bikes were removed from the 17,000 fleets, currently operating in the US cities mentioned above.

An electric motor, which is found in most assisted bikes, will be removed to make way for the conventional pedal-powered substitutes. Electric motors usually facilitate flexible rides around the urban regions.

Julie Wood, from Citi-Bike, Lyft’s partner, has said that safety of the riders is their first priority. Citi-Bike is the service supervisor in three prominent locations.

Ms. Wood has further said that upgraded electric bicycles are free from this fault and are expected to be launched in the major cities soon. However, no date for replacement was disclosed.

In late March, Lyft featured on the New York stock exchange for the first time.

Complaints against the strong brakes came in just a few days after Lime, a scooter firm, announced that an application bug caused injuries to some of its riders. The identified bug was that the scooters activated the brakes abruptly while the riders were coming downhill in high acceleration.

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