Cyclist using his mobile phone loses his teeth after crashing into gate

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A cyclist has come a cropper after he was so focused on his mobile phone that he didn’t see a gate right in front of him.

He hit the barrier so hard that he lost at least five teeth in the collision in Coventry that was caught on CCTV by Daz Rollins, 38.

He found the footage from the early hours of last Wednesday and posted it online saying ‘Dentist for you my son’.

Daz provides an amusing commentary, saying: ‘Look, my man on his fucking phone, ohhh’.

He later went outside and found several of the cyclist’s teeth scattered around the floor along with quite a bit of blood.

He said: ‘I think no matter what you’re driving or riding you shouldn’t go on your phone. It only takes a split second for something to happen and if you’re busy looking at your phone then obviously bad things can happen.

‘As you can see from the footage if he wasn’t looking at his phone he would have saw there was a big metal gate. Looking at his phone has just cost him about six teeth. Let that be a lesson to people.’

Neil Greig, Director of Policy and Research at road safety experts IAM Roadsmart said: ‘This footage shows that distraction from smartphones causes exactly the same problems for cyclists as it does for drivers. You simply can’t multitask if you are concentrating on a call.

‘Cycling offences are a grey area which are currently being reviewed by the Westminster government. We may also soon see a re-education course being made available for careless cycling. Given the vulnerability of cyclists however using a phone is more likely to lead to a very painful reminder.’

Courtesy: metro.co.uk

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