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Changing the Idea Of Dental Care in today’s time

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The act of brushing teeth is hardly an amusing activity to us. In fact, we believe that a toothbrush is one such tool that has its rightful place restricted to the washroom only. However, the popular notions are going to change since the trend of beautification has penetrated the market of dental care.

There are some noted oral care brands like Keeko, Moon, Hello and Cocofloss inundating the market with “clean” dental products. For an instant, Hello is coming up with “superpastes”, which are gluten and cruelty-free, apart from being vegan.

With the launching of products like the copper scrapper of the tongue and organic oil removing sachets, Keeko is encouraging its customers to get rid of mouth bacteria thereby refreshing their breath. Coming to Cocofloss, the brand has popularised the use of dental floss containing coconut ingredient.

Oral-B is not far behind when it comes to luxury dental care, as it has launched the rose gold edition of the electric toothbrush. It is a common observation that when we align the idea of beautification with our overall well being, we begin to indulge in holistically-minded solutions and products.

The revamping trend is not limited to home treatments alone. Dr. Uchenna Okoye, Cosmetic dentist, who operates the London Smiling dental clinics have created a spa-like ambiance to treat her “guests” with various lip balm choices and movies.

Therefore, with pretty and hygienic oral care options available today, brushing and taking care of dental health no longer remains a boring task.

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