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Brexit still blurry: When will the UK withdraw from the EU?

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Theresa May resorted to a condition where she would give MPs a vote on delaying Brexit if her deal is rejected. The question still remains when will the UK leave the European Union?

Mrs May has confirmed that the next vote will be held no sooner than 12th March. Following that, the UK will leave the EU on 29th March 2019. In January, parliamentarians rejected May’s first deal and they are still not willing to approve her withdrawal negotiations.

On Wednesday, as the labour party was unable to get its own Brexit proposals, the leader Jeremy Corbyn confirmed that a EU referendum will be backed by his party.

Corbyn said: “The prime minister continues to say it is her deal or no deal, but this House has decisively rejected her deal and has clearly rejected no deal.

“It is the prime minister’s obstinacy that is blocking a resolution,” he added.

May will seek the shortest delay if the MPs vote for a Brexit delay. Earlier in this week, May said that the UK might leave with no deal later in the year.

There are lots of speculations over the withdrawal of the UK from the EU but for a delay to be successful, everyone in the EU including the UK has to agree.

29th March was the original date set by the MPs while passing the EU withdrawal bill last year. Another tentative date could be 18th April, if the EU agrees to extend the process of Article 50. The third anniversary of the EU referendum on 23rd June could also mark the day of Brexit.

Mrs May is likely to get enough time before she could negotiate a deal however, it would be difficult to get support from the newly-elected MEPs.

With the hope of future relationships getting better, senior EU officials have pondered over delaying Brexit till 2021. However, the Brexiteers in the UK will not go easy on this decision as that would be five years since they had voted for the UK withdrawal.

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