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Brexit Party of Nigel Farage have topped the poll

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According to the recent polls, Brexit Party of Nigel Farage could easily edge out the opponents in the European Parliament election, which is scheduled to be held from 23 to 26 May. The election is vital wherein 751 MEPs are going to be chosen for representing the member states of the EU.

In case Britain exits the bloc prior to the election onset, the island nation will not be required to participate in the election.

YouGov’s survey has revealed that Farage’s Brexit Political Party is commanding the first position with 27 % of votes in its bag.

Between the 15th and 16th April, the poll was conducted which saw the participation of more than 1800 British adults. The poll also made a forecast that Brexit Party will sweep the upcoming elections.

As per the survey, the Labour Party and the Tories will come in the second and the third place respectively. The former would claim 22 percent, while the latter would win only 15 percent of votes.

A major fall in the share of votes for UKIP, the former party of Farage has fuelled the soaring popularity of the Brexit Party. The UKIP faced a declination of seven point, whereas, the Brexit Party witnessed a rise of twelve points.

Furthermore, punters have been backing Farage’s current party for capturing a maximum number of seats in the European Parliamentary elections in next month. They have grown from last week’s 11/4 to 8/15 at present.

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