Boats Battered By 30ft Waves And Fires Aboard Cruises From Hell

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Footage has emerged of true cruises from hell that shows just how terrifying things can get when you’re out at sea.

Covering disasters out on the oceans, the clips reveal how tough life on the open sea can be with passengers recounting their journeys and how they survived.

The footage is part of a series of nightmare cruises including one in which a 200,000-tonne ship capsizes.

Not exactly the definition of a relaxing holiday… (Picture: Channel 4)

Another shows a worker saying ‘in the middle of the ocean, you are the fire brigade’ as the boat is consumed by flames.

The clips are part of a Cruises from Hell programme being aired on Channel 4 on Thursday night.

It reveals what happens when crews are met with extreme weather, sinkings and fires while there’s also a look at the anxiety people suffer.

Courtesy: metro.co.uk

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