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Beyoncé’s Makeup Artist, Sir John Brings Forth 7 Tips For A Perfect Base

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Sir John has experienced quite a lot of significant changes in his career until Charlotte Tilbury introduced him to Beyoncé only to make him settle with something much more exciting than what he had been doing. Now, he is the man behind Beyoncé’s makeup. In addition to that, he also travels the world as a celebrity makeup artist with L’Oreal Paris and hosts a TV show in association with Ashley Graham. Here, the big man has shared his seven makeup tips for a flawless base.

Moisturiser is the basic

Sir John emphasizes on skin hydration and explains the necessity of investing in a good moisturiser. He said: “I like to apply foundation to wet skin, as it adheres in a really organic way.” He also added that the idea is to apply moisturizer at first followed by the foundation on top of that before the skin dries up again. According to him, the best way to get a natural and real feel is applying a moisturiser before anything else.

You need to see before you can get things right

Lighting plays a significant role in makeup. Sir John shares his personal experience saying: “Hotels don’t have good lighting. Like right now, I’m staying in a really nice hotel. But the lighting is too moody.” According to him, poor lighting can be deceiving and can make one feel that he/she needs more coverage, which is not always true. It is better to check the makeup in natural light.

Enrich your foundation collection

A single foundation is never enough and one needs at least two. John says that people tend to be darker in summer and lighter in winter and that often creates the necessity of a wide range of foundations.

Do not be too artificial

“I like to see a bit of a dark circle, or the natural colour on the eyelid”, said John. He shares the idea why a person does not need to lacquer the entire face from forehead to chin. He also added that covering freckles is not a good practice. They look beautiful and sexy!

Use loose powder for setting

John suggests using loose powder for setting the makeup for a long time. He shared an incident where Beyoncé wiped her face on stage and the makeup did not come off. His tip is to apply loose powder with the help of a fluffy brush on top of the final makeup.

There is more than one use of a fluffy brush

Fluffy brushes are used for a lot of purposes. John’s idea is to apply concealer under eyes and around the nostrils where there are broken capillaries. He expressed his preference for a fluffy eye-shadow brush by saying: “I like them a lot more than stiffer brushes for this job.”

Invest in a good highlighter

“L’Oréal Paris’s Glow Mon Amour highlighter is really great. I like a highlighter that’s creamy and luminous, nothing with a large particle as it looks a little costume-y”, says John. According to him, a good highlighter is a great thing to add an overall glow. He also shared ideas on applying the highlighter strategically in order to get the desired look.

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