The Best MacBook Air Cases, Bags & Sleeves 2018

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Buying a bag for a MacBook Air can be a challenge, and you want to factor in price, protection, size and of course the looks. Here are a few of the best MacBook Air cases, sleeves, and bags to consider.

Whether you’ve got a new MacBook Air or an older model, you’ll want to be able to carry it around in style – and safely. Luckily there’s a whole industry devoted to creating bags, cases, sleeves and similar for Apple’s laptops, but that equally means there’s an almost overwhelming amount of choice.

To help you out, we’ve done our best to sort through what’s on offer, and here are our recommendations for tried and tested MacBook Air accessories that should keep your laptop safe from harm – and hopefully don’t look too shabby either.

Bear in mind, these recommendations are specifically for the 13in MacBook Air, the only model that Apple still sells – though of course many of the bags will still fit the old 11in models. If you have another MacBook, you’ll want to look at our similar guides for the 12in MacBook and the MacBook Pro.

Herschel Anchor Sleeve for MacBook

Herschel has made a name for itself the world over with its range of backpacks, and it also makes quality laptop cases.

We love the Anchor Sleeve, which is fully padded and fleece-lined so you can just zip up your MacBook and carry it under your arm.

Tech21 Impact Snap Case

Tech21 has an excellent reputation for making high quality Apple accessories, and this snap-on case for the MacBook Airs is no exception.

It comes in a few colours, from subtle black to a dark purple, but all offer ‘Impactology’, which is the company’s way of saying don’t drop your laptop, but if you do, make sure it’s wrapped in our case. Fair enough.

STM Linear Shoulder Bag

The subtle design of this shoulder bag helps keep your Air nice and streamlined, and continues STM’s design ethos of bags that aren’t obviously for laptops.

The bag uses ‘slingtech’ protection, which effectively suspends your MacBook in the bag so it doesn’t touch the bottom, and it’s also got sections for all your other gadgets, such as tablet, phone, and other bits and bobs.

STM Dux Hardshell MacBook Case

If you want your MacBook Air protected but don’t want to take it in and out of a case, the STM Dux may be for you. Your laptop clips snugly into the clear plastic case, which protects its metal edges from scuffs with a rubberised outer.

It allows access to all ports, though we did find that the MagSafe connector doesn’t sit flush when charging. The open hinge allows airflow to prevent overheating, and you can get creative by sliding photos behind the clear plastic for a bit of customisation.

Speck SeeThru Hard Shell

Another good, subtle way to protect your MacBook is with the Speck SeeThru hard shell case cover. It surrounds your MacBook Air and prevents it from getting knocks and scuffs.

With sensible ventilation and access to all ports, its similar to the STM Dux but is completely see-through.

Hex Alliance Backpack

Many laptop rucksacks are bulky things, laden down by all the extra padding and pouches. That makes sense for organising your stuff, but it does make them a bit unwieldy – exactly the opposite of the MacBook Air itself.

That’s why we’re big fans of the Hex Alliance, a slim backpack that’s actually slim. There’s only one main compartment, with a few small internal pouches and a padded (and fluffy fleece-lined!) laptop section, along with a padded front pouch ideal for storing your phone, eReader, or a small tablet.

AmazonBasics 13in Laptop Sleeve

Amazon runs a great Basics range of accessories for tech products, and this neoprene case for MacBook Air is no exception. One of the simplest cases going is also sensibly designed: a small flap covers the zip on the inside so your laptop doesn’t get scratched on the move.

Other than that it’s exactly as it appears, which is no bad thing for under a tenner.

Inateck MP1300 Sleeve

Inateck makes some excellent kit for Apple products and this sleeve is no exception. Made of felt and lined with soft flannel, it has an understated modern look, and has room for a tablet, papers and credits cards in separate sections.

It comes with a complimentary felt pouch to store accessories such as your mouse or power adapter. This is secured with elastic, as opposed to the case, which has a Velcro closure.

Acme Made Skinny Sleeve

The Acme Made case is designed to enclose the MacBook in neoprene. Unlike other cases, it’s made from a Stretch Shell material and doesn’t have a zip – you just stretch the bag around it.

It’s clever, because the zip is the one thing that may cause scratches to your MacBook on other cases, defeating the object of keeping it in a case in the first place. It’s also relatively affordable given its good design.


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