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Artificial Intelligence Detects Lung Cancer

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A recent study in the US has revealed, Artificial Intelligence diagnoses are better than specialist doctors. Google and the scientists at the Northwestern University in Illinois collaboratively anticipate that modern AI technology fortifies the efficacy of cancer screening. As discovering tumors at an initial stage always makes it less complicated to treat.

The research team has propounded that AI will play a major role in the future of medicine. The study found that lung cancer kills around 1.8 million people a year, which is higher than other kinds of cancer. The advanced analysis of the screening process for people can minimize the numbers of death due to this debility. AI turned out to be more efficient against a group of six experienced radiologists who have specialized in CT scan analysis. AI can effectively examine multiple scans as well as a single one successfully without any room for errors.

During an interview with the BBC, Dr. Mozziyar Etemadi, from the Northwestern University suggested that AI increases the chances of cancer detection by five percent while reducing the chances of giving false alerts by eleven percent making it easier to identify the symptoms and diagnose accordingly. He also suggested an alliance between the doctors and AI would open up a new area of improvement in the medical sector. According to Rebecca Campbell, from Cancer Research UK, implementing AI in cancer screening would definitely help to discover lung cancer in the early stages helping to save a large number of patients from untimely death.

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