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Anti Brexit Legislators’ Plot To Prevent UK’s Exit From The EU Thickens

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The International Trade Secretary and a strong votary of Brexit, Liam Fox has alleged that a cabal of pro EU legislators led by former attorney general Dominic Grieve is trying to hijack the Brexit agenda by suspending EU’s withdrawal procedure as defined under ‘Article 50.’ According to Liam, the anti Brexit cabal seeks to extend the process of Brexit by tabling an amendment to the motion beyond March 29, the Brexit date in order to give legislators ‘the time and space to think again’. A government official has dubbed the entire exercise as disconcerting.

The alleged move by the pro EU faction is seen by Brexit supporters as an effort to undermine the ‘will of the people’. According to the latter, the Parliament does not have the mandate to change the process as it had given a solemn promise to the electorate about honouring the decision brought about by the referendum. Mr. Fox has scoffed at the move and called it an attempt to ‘steal’ the mandate of the people and claimed that should the result of the referendum be reversed, there would be ‘astronomical’ political consequences.

Another Tory member, Peter Bone has said that certain people in Parliament are hellbent on changing the result of the referendum even if it meant going against the will of the people. A Downing Street spokesman was scathing in his remarks while opposing the ‘steal the mandate’ move by stating that British politicians should uphold the verdict of the people.

On the other hand, the legislators seeking an amendment to the Brexit motion denied hatching a conspiracy. According to Mr. Hilary Benn, the chairman of the Commons EU Exit Committee, and a proponent of UK’s remaining in EU said that legislators are merely doing their job and trying to sort out the mess created by the Prime Minister.

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