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As an aftermath of US ban, Huawei keeps its 5G launch in South Korea low-key

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On Thursday, Huawei Technologies launched a lab for 5G wireless connectivity in the Republic of Korea, popularly known as South Korea. However, the tech giant preferred to keep the launch low-key due to the ban it encountered in the US market.

The Chinese company said it would invest approximately $5 million in a 5G open lab located in Seoul’s Junggu district. Neither was the media invited to the inauguration nor was any location detail made available to them.

By joining hands with ICT companies, medium, and small enterprises, Huawei is striving to foster a 5G ecoregion in South Korea.

However, the launch was kept low-profile as the US prohibited American telecom and tech firms from engaging in any business activities with Huawei. Washington has gone on to persuade the allies to debar the tech company from entering into their 5G networks as well.

An anonymous source said Huawei kept the event low-key to avert any defilement to the Korean partners if they happened to get covered by media.

The lab inaugurated in the Junggu district is the first development center for 5G open services of Huawei in the globe, which is going to enable other enterprises to evaluate their platforms.

At present, Huawei delivers its equipment for the 5G network for LG Uplus, a moderate-sized South Korean carrier. KT and SK Telecom, other two larger carriers do not utilize Huawei gear.

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