7 People Dead – Europe’s heatwave finally diminishes

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7 dead in lethal heatwave that hits Western Europe. Wildfires now under control.

Parts of Spain had seen these fires in the recent days, which were controlled before it could spread rapidly.

Firefighters, however, couldn’t control the fires that started at the Central Provinces of Toledo and Madrid. Almost 20 square km was burnt last Friday.

La Almunia de Dona Godina saw 42.4 degree Celsius heat and France’s temperature hit a record-breaking 45.9 degrees Celsius.

Meteorologists are of the opinion that a weakening of the high level jet stream is the reason the temperatures in summer are soaring so high.

Apart from farmers, around 25 administrative departments have been on a water use restriction. Local businessmen are complaining of widespread damage.

The 21st century was tough for Europe as 5 of its hottest summers in the past 500 years were a part of this century.

The 3,000 athletes who participated in an endurance race in Frankfurt said that it was like they were running a race against global warming.

However, not everyone was lucky enough to run the whole course. Sarah True of the United States fainted within a kilometre of the finish line. Several cyclists participating in cycle races across France became sick and one died.

Italy and Spain saw five deaths due to heat as well.

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