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30 days for Theresa to pass a deal and stop Brexit delay

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Theresa May has time until mid-march to pass a Brexit deal, otherwise Parliament will delay Brexit. A group of MPs representing different parties, which include Yvette Cooper of Labour and Tory minister Sir Oliver Letwin, have agreed to the idea of making amendments to delay Brexit in the event of May not settling with a deal within 30 days.

This is the recent plan by Remain MPs to oppose a no-deal Brexit and according to supposition, some Cabinet ministers might resign in order to support the rebels. A quotation from sources says: “February 27 is high noon. This is the line Amber, David and Greg are drawing in the sand, and they will make that clear closer to the time. No deal must be taken off the table then.”

According to Yvette, the amendment is all about blocking a no-deal Brexit. She also said that the amendment would help in preventing any crucial decision in the final fortnight. On hearing the EU negotiator’s claim to delay Brexit, the Brexiteers were furious.

Olly Robbins, a civil servant, was found in a Brussels hotel. He was overheard talking to his colleagues about the fact that the EU might give the Government an extension to Article 50.

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